The Practical Beyond Ethics. Notes on George di Giovanni’s Interpretation of Classical German Philosophy

Di Paolo Livieri

In: Verifiche, Anno LI, N. 1-2, 2022 LI , No. 1-2 ( 2022 )

Sezione Discussioni / Discussions


This essay analyzes George di Giovanni’s books Freedom and Religion in Kant and His Immediate Successors: The Vocation of Humankind, 1774-1800 (Cambridge University Press, 2005) and Hegel and the Challenge of Spinoza: A Study in German Idealism, 1801-1831 (Cambridge University Press, 2021). We address the central topic of these publications and identify its sources. The essay then clarifies how di Giovanni’s analysis pivots on the anti-metaphysical interpretation of Fichte’s and Hegel’s philosophies, which then leads to a distinct definition of the philosophy of religion.