L’attualità della filosofia hegeliana dell’arte come problema

Di Francesco Campana

In: Hegel’s Philosophy of Art XLV , No. 1-2 ( 2016 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles

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The article aims to understand the notion of the contemporary relevance of Hegel’s Philosophy of Art. It does not address whether or not Hegelian Philosophy of Art is (or can be) relevant for the present, but instead addresses the very problem of its relevance. I investigate the meaning, the modalities, the limits, and the potentialities of the intellectual challenge of finding this art-philosophical thought relevant for the contemporary age. In the first part of this contribution, I investigate some general theoretical issues concerning this kind of attitude. In the second part, I discuss three contemporary authors that try to interpret the relevance of Hegel’s Philosophy of Art for the present. With reference to their backgrounds, perspectives, and attitudes towards the texts and Hegelian thought, I identify an ‘inner’ approach to the problem (Gethmann-Siefert), an ‘intermediate’ approach (Pippin), and an ‘external’ approach (Danto).