Hegel e metafilosofia: mappa di un problema

Di Giovanna Miolli

In: Hegel’s Philosophy as Metatheory XLVI , No. 1 ( 2017 )

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Did Hegel elaborate a metaphilosophy? If he did, how should we understand it? My contribution attempts to answer this question. I will first explore the basic features usually attributed to the metaphilosophical inquiry by contemporary philosophers. Second, I will discuss three paradigmatic positions on Hegel’s stance towards metaphilosophy. My first two argumentative steps will serve as a basis to argue for two main claims. The first claim is that contemporary metaphilosophical categories do not ‘perfectly’ apply to Hegel’s systematic philosophy. The second claim is that, nevertheless, Hegel did elaborate a metaphilosophy, although of a particular kind. I will suggest to understand the relation between Hegel’s philosophy and his metaphilosophy as a relation of ‘self-containment’.