Istruzioni per gli autori / Informations for contributors

The Journal uses a double-blind peer review procedure.
Authors of articles to be considered for publication should email one copy in .doc or .rtf format, and another copy in .pdf format, to Sergio Soresi (
Please include a short abstract in English (about 1,500 characters) and 4-10 keywords.

The Journal accepts contributions in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Accepted contributions should be prepared according to the journal’s guidelines.

Informazioni per i Recensori / Informations for Reviewers

Book reviews are generally commissioned by the Editorial Staff. If you are interested in writing a book review, please contact Barbara Santini (

Books should be sent to the following address: «Verifiche», via G. Schiavone n. 1, 35134 Padova, Italy.

Norme Editoriali / Editorial Guidelines

Before sending your contribution, please consider the Guidelines for authors and this sample.