Tempo naturale e tempo storico nelle Realphilosophien jenesi di Hegel

Di Guido Frilli

In: Verifiche Anno XLII, N. 4, 2013 XLII , No. 4 ( 2013 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles

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This paper discusses the problem of temporality in Hegel’s pre-phenomenological production in Jena. Throughout all of the Jena Realphilosophie manuscripts, time undergoes an intricate dialectical development in both the natural and spiritual worlds. Although the natural movement foreshadows eternity as the concept and concrete unity of the dimensions of time, it is nevertheless unable to produce this unity or to expose the true notion of dialectical infinity. Only the determinations of spirit, starting from sensation and imagination, can overcome natural exteriority and give shape to eternity as the circle of past, present and future. The constitution of a spiritual time prioritizes the past: memory, above all, pervades temporality with a social and historical sense, overcoming natural exteriority and establishing the conditions for the comprehension of eternity, which is the task of philosophy.