Sapere assoluto e sapere abbandonato. La trattazione della ‘Bildung’ nel quarto capoverso de «Il Sapere Assoluto».


The article analyzes section VI B («The Spirit in Self-Estrangement») within absolute knowing. The main focus is Hegel’s speculative analysis of the formal structure of absolute knowing, starting from infinite judgement («the thing is ego»), to its conclusion with the definition of utility as preisgegebnes Sein für anderes (a being at the mercy of an «other», in Baillie’s translation). The article does not examine the phenomenological process of culture development, but focuses on the formal structure of pure insight (the most important result of culture), comparing the self which constitutes the insight with the one which manifests itself as self-knowing spirit in absolute knowing. Here the inexorable Aufhebung of insight, as purest incarnation of modern reason, comes to light: Hegel emphasizes rationality and therefore he criticizes its abstract form which downgrades pure insight from reason to raisonnements of Understanding.