Resistenze. L’enigma dei corpi disabili tra spazio pubblico e pratica religiosa

Di Marcello Neri

In: Riconoscersi. Corpo e gender tra individuale e sociale XLII , No. 1-3 ( 2013 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


On the background of the gender question, the paper deals with the question of disable bodies and the critical role they could play in the public realm and towards religious practice. Disable bodies challenge every kind of ‘scripture’ philosophical, theological, sociological, and so on. But this linguistic difficulty or impossibility could lead to understand the disable body as an extreme disclosure of sense. The core question is, if the openness of sense, brought about by the disturbing obscenity of disable bodies, is strong enough for challenging the technological standards of our modern society that tries to get rid of any possible limitation implied by the corporeality of human life. At the end, the paper takes into account some aspects of disability towards contemporary social politics and theological discourse.