Prospettive del molinismo nel dibattito contemporaneo sull’onniscienza divina

Di Damiano Migliorini

In: Verifiche, Anno XLIV, N. 1-4, 2015 XLIV , No. 1-4 ( 2015 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


Over the past four decades, the issue of the relationship between divine omniscience and human freedom has been the subject of a great debate in the context of Analytic Philosophy of Religion. Many authors have contributed to the debate by formulating some ‘solutions’, taking inspiration from the thought of classical authors (e.g. Boethius, Aquinas, Ockham). One of these, is inspired by Luis de Molina’s thought. The Author, therefore, aims to present the main theoretical thesis of this solution, following the development in the various publications about this question. The Author also tries to show how the thought of Molina has been “translated” in contemporary discourse, the limits of the solution, and make understandable the transition occurred within the debate, which led to the Molinist solution and then to the Open Theism.