Narrazione e secolarizzazione. Prospettive sulla modernità di Charles Taylor

Di Silvia Pierosara

In: Verifiche Anno XXXVII, N. 4, 2008 XXXVII , No. 4 ( 2008 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


This essay aims to investigate the relationship between some categories appeared in the most recent Charles Taylor’s philosophical production, with particular reference to the notions of social imaginary and secularization. First of all, a textual definition of social imaginary is provided, according to the different versions one can find throughout Taylor’s works. Secondly, a connection between social imaginaries and narration is hypothesized, in order to evaluate its epistemological and ethical-practical relevance. Lastly, the notion of secularization is analyzed, in order to show its character of narration. The aim of this last part is to understand whether narrative configuration is able to influence the content of the story which is narrated.