L’amore e oltre. Note a Il dio dalle frecce fiorite. Miti e leggende dell’amore in India, di Giuliano Boccali

Di Franco Chiereghin

In: Verifiche, Anno LI, N. 1-2, 2022 LI , No. 1-2 ( 2022 )

Sezione Discussioni / Discussions


The Author shows how the ancient Indian tradition displays an irreducible originality if compared to other traditions, especially when examined in contrast to the Western one. Such an originality appears as the Author analyses an exceptional number of myths and legends on the topic of love bequeathed by the ancient Indian tradition. Among these, it stands out the way in which Kama (Love) shoots flowered arrows at Gods, as they relate to human beings, and as the human beings relate to each other. In the final part of the essay, the Author shows how the most exquisite forms of love mark the moment in which love goes beyond itself into the absolute transcendence of brahman, which is ineffable and without qualities.