La cita feminista: Nelly Richard entre feminismos, crítica cultural y filosofía chilena

Di Karen Glavic

In: Feminist Metaphilosophy L , No. 2 ( 2021 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


Based on Nelly Richard’s book La cita amorosa (sobre la pintura de Juan Dávila) – The Loving Citation (on Juan Dávila’s painting) – this article proposes to look at Richard’s use of citation as a key aspect of her texts and interventions. It thus shows that her way of engaging with citation constitutes a particular approach to theory that carries an accentuated feminist, affective, and desiring component. From the beginning, Richard’s texts pointed to the problem of the body, sexual dissidence, the masculine/feminine, drag/transvestism, and the excessive or pornographic image as indispensable aspects of her reading of the ‘Avanzada’ and all their later extensive critical production. This analysis of citation, which I name ‘feminist citation’, is put into perspective and dialogue with Dávila’s work and with the characterization of citation as a ‘gesture’ in discussions on visual arts in Chile.