I correlati neurali dell’intersoggettività. Nota su alcune scelte lessicali a proposito dei neuroni specchio

Di Franco Chiereghin

In: Verifiche, Anno LI, N. 1-2, 2022 LI , No. 1-2 ( 2022 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


The many manifestations of the mirror neurons can be defined as a result of the distinction between the phenomenal aspect of the mirror neurons’ activity on the one hand, and the dynamics underlying said activity on the other hand. The conventional glossary used to describe mirroring activity (e.g. the metaphorical notion of ‘mirror’, and the notion of ‘response’ to environmental stimuli) is appropriate to the description of their phenomenal activity. In this regard, mirror neurons show to depend on both outer world and subject’s history. However, by looking at their dynamics – which actually is at the root of those phenomenal aspects – mirror neurons express the unbroken activity of the brain. In this respect, mirror neurons give an essential contribution to our understanding of other people’s actions and facilitate the acquisition of new abilities.