Heidegger e la concezione hegeliana del negativo

Di Pasquale Turrisi

In: Verifiche Anno XXXVII, N. 4, 2008 XXXVII , No. 4 ( 2008 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


The article faces the complex issue of the decennial Auseinandersetzung of Heidegger with Hegel’s thought, setting it against the background of the fundamental question of the negative. Focusing on the analysis of the essay Hegel. 1. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Hegel aus dem Ansatz in der Negativität (1938/39, 1941) Beiträge zur Philosophie, the aim of this article is o to inquire the impact of the question of the negative on Heidegger’s mature thought, and to deal again the question about Heidegger’s interpretation of Hegel from the privileged point of view offered by the perspective of the confrontation with the negativity.