Er-innerung e arte. Rflessioni sull’esperienza estetica a partire dalla «Fenomenologia dello Spirito».


The aim of this paper is to show the importance of the concept of Er-innerung to understand Hegel’s conception of art experience. The analysis will begin by referring to the last chapter of the Phenomenology, «absolute knowing», where this concept is dealt with. The second step will be to go through the Phenomenology itself to verify how Hegel uses this concept in connection with the artistic religion of ancient Greece. According to Hegel, the Er-innerung does not only represent the constitutive historicity of every experience, especially the artistic one; it is also the only way in which one can establish a relation with art, either as an artist or as an art “user”. By looking at the Lectures on Aesthetics it will be shown that the «inwardizing», i.e. the Er-innerung itself, is precisely the «move towards the inside» that represents the essence of the art experience. It will be shown that this understanding of the Er-innerung provides a sound interpretation of the evolution of art, including the evolution that has led to contemporary art.