Begriff/begreifen, Schluss/schliessen, Idee/ideell. Usi lessicali e problemi di traduzione della Scienza della logica


This contribution focuses on some of the lexical problems addressed and documented in the first complete Italian edition of the Science of Logic, namely in the third volume, which is devoted to the Doctrine of the Concept (1816). The problems considered allow us to reflect on an important goal of Hegel’s philosophical work: The redefinition of key concepts of the philosophical tradition (such as Begriff, Schluß, Idee) as presented in terms of their logical generation, articulation, and development, which are further defined by a careful use of the corresponding verbal and adjectival forms (begreifen/begreifend; schliessen/ zusammenschliessen/aufschliessen/ einschliessen/abschliessen; ideell/ideal).