Agorà ed eudaimonía. Alla ricerca di rimedi antichi per i mali della postmodernità

Di Silvia Mocellin

In: Verifiche Anno XLI, N.4, 2012 XLI , No. 4 ( 2012 )

Sezione Discussioni / Discussions


The emphasis put by Liberals on individualism and by Communitarians on the sense of belonging to the community has led to a hardening of these categories, which appear (today more than ever) insufficient to get out of an endless debate. We should instead paid attention to the contemporary conditions of social and political cohabitation, following the fundamental dimensions underlying human existence (that is, space and time), which these days appear lost. What can still help exit from the individual and social crisis are the Aristotelian concepts of “eudaimonía” and “érgon” – revisited by the “capability approach” – as well as the classical image of “agorà”, a place of debate at the same time private and public.