Um desdobrar não tão silencioso: Algumas observações feministas sobre o § 166 da Filosofia do direito e a noção de modernidade de Hegel

Di Marloren Lopes Miranda

In: Critique: Hegel and Contemporary Critical Theory LII , No. 1 ( 2023 )

Sezione Saggi / Articles


In this paper, I will discuss the notion of woman that Hegel presents, concentrating on § 166 of the Philosophy of Right. In this paragraph, the author presents a formulation on the actualization of freedom for women in Modernity and relates his argument to that set forth in the addition to § 369 of the Philosophy of Nature. I will show that this notion is problematic and implies likewise a problem for his notion of Modernity. Then, I will question some elements of this argument, in order to not only discuss Hegel’s own philosophy, especially his concept of Modernity, but also to consider a methodological issue regarding the production of philosophy today.